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Return policy

  -  Return policy

The purchased goods can be returned:

  1. When goods are not manufactured specifically by the person who ordered goods by phone or email
  2. When goods are purchased through the Internet store without any product-correction on our side at the customer’s request
  3. When the goods have not been altered by the customer by correction or use whereby there are visible changes (damage, stains caused by the use of chemicals, correction of cut-off interventions)

Complaints and repair of purchased goods:

There is no guarantee of the length of time for the purchased goods. Namely, given the nature of the product and the fact that the product is made of a fabric that is susceptible to wear, change of color or any other damage that may be caused by improper handling of the goods, improper cleaning or cleaning which is not in accordance with the recommendations of the declaration, is out of control of PRETAFINIR as a manufacturer.

On our site there is a recommendation on the maintenance of certain types of fabric and when the customer adheres to these instructions on washing, lashing or cleaning PRETAFINIR clothing to damage will not come.

Complaints are acknowledged within 14 days if there is a physical damage to the product such as a patent shutter or seam shredding due to a defect at the end of the button or a button. In that case, the goods can be sent by regular mail to the buyer’s expense with the prior announcement of the mail or telephone and an explanation of the damage incurred. Goods will be repaired as soon as possible and returned to the buyer by regular mail at PRETAFINIR expense.

Should any damage to the goods be caused by wearing, rough handling at more than 14 days of purchased goods can be repaired at the cost of the buyer at some standard repair costs which the buyer will be notified prior to the repair (change of the patent closure, seam repair etc.)

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