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Table of sizes

When taking measurements, the size of the chest, the circumference of the waist (where the body is severed) and the extent of the hips (where it is the widest) should be accurately measured. For high or low persons, it is necessary to specify the height.

PRETAFINIR CONFECTION Numbers are international and PRETAFINIR workwear is precisely tailored to these international standards. Before making the work clothes, it is necessary to determine the exact ready-made number of the person to whom it is delivered. Namely, today’s mass-fashion industry lacks ready-made numbers for better sales (larger replaces smaller ones, 38 out of 34, 44 with 38 or 40 etc.) so women often do not know which exact confectionery number is. We did not notice this phenomenon in men.

In order to avoid the delivery of unprotected work clothes, it is necessary to determine the exact number of ready-made products before ordering by measuring the chest, waist and hip sizes, and not anywhere else where the body is the widest or the mating. It is also not necessary to add or subtract anything because the ergonomic standards for particular professions are taken into account when designing work clothes.

The height number can be affected by the height of the person. as well as less or more developed muscle mass of the body, which can be increased or decreased by a number of established size from the table.

If, however, the garment number does not match, work clothes may be replaced by another size, if no modifications to the customer’s special requirements have been made.

It is possible to make a order by contacting items in ready-made numbers and colors not covered by the web store. The price is increased by 10-20% according to our price list. For larger sewing articles, items not covered by the web store (women 48 to over and men 60 to over) need to be tested in the PRETAFINIR studio during workmanship.

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