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The composition of materials and maintenance

Cotton and polyester blends (60% cotton 40% polyester, 50% cotton 50% polyester, 40% cotton 60% polyester).

These groups of materials are most prominent in the design of workwear for a comfortable feeling in wearing, as well as good behavior in washing and ironing. These materials can be adhered to 95 stC, for a colored recommendation, washing at 60 stC for longer conservation of fresh color. In PRETAFINIR, we use it in a very wide range of colors, most of which are shown in the color map and materials sorted by the types of compositions under 1, 2 and 3 according to the polyester representation. Colors exist at all washing temperatures.

The shrinking of these materials is about 2% in length and 2% in width, and only for the first wash.

Cotton with elastane

This group of materials is very comfortable to wear for elasticity that allows adjustment to the body. Recommended washing of these materials is at 60 stC for elastin which does not withstand high washing temperatures. Ironing is difficult because of the high percentage of cotton in the composition.


This group of materials is comfortable to wear, but working clothes are more difficult to maintain due to the heavy ironing. All the materials of this group can be monitored at 95 stC, but are collected on several occasions with more than one wash and up to 4% in length, which is very much in terms of controlling the correctness of the crown and the appearance of the garment.

There are also known and available some other blends of materials used in the northern European countries as well. materials by name TENCEL (link).

In cooperation with some clinics that have shown interest in this type of material, we are trying to determine the applicability of this material to our climatic conditions that are significantly different from northern Europe.

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